Anne Thornton – Justified Firing?

Pastry Chef Anne Thornton was fired from Food Network for allegedly plagiarizing recipes from famous food figures like Martha Stewart and Barefoot Contessa Ina Garten.

According to the Huffington Post article, the primary reason she was cut from Food Network was ratings related. I’m more inclined to believe this reason. I feel the plagiarism was more a scandal for press.

Here’s the thing. In these life and times, is any recipe out there TRULY original? Just about any dessert out there is based off a basic pastry technique tweaked with variations to make things interesting. I just don’t feel there are any truly original food thoughts out there. I’m sure many of my own personal recipes are out on the interwebs somewhere.

I remember when I was in culinary school, Food Network was in its infancy and much more focused on technique and culinary basics, it was less flashy at the time. As a result, we were often encouraged to watch as research. I remember watching Emeril Lagasse and feeling like every French recipe I learned in class in a given day was interpreted with bam and spice on his show.

I just get the feeling Ms. Thornton was not as marketable as some of her celeb chef peers and that ultimately led to the axing. Thoughts out there?

Cheese Addiction courtesy of Maywood Marketplace

ImageOkay, so Maywood Marketplace is not to blame, I have been addicted to and cheese has been my favorite food for years. I usually have at least six different types of cheeses in my fridge at any given time. This is particularly excessive as I live alone and am not home nearly enough to be able to consume all this cheese.

Earlier today I went to one of my favorite local grocery stores, the aforementioned Maywood Marketplace. They have amazing prepared foods, a huge produce selection, super fresh bakery items, and an impressive cheese selection complete with endless samples. It is my crack. I feel guilty from sampling and I cannot leave there without a minimum of three cheeses in my basket (so well done making me the target audience in terms of passive aggressive sampling as a selling technique).

Now I have not consumed all the cheese that is already in my fridge, and between a trip to Trader Joe’s yesterday and the marketplace today, I am overstocked. I really need to stop food shopping after the gym…

In any case, I just took an inventory of what is in my fridge. I need to either have a party or do some serious cooking this weekend. Here’s what I found:

  1. American
  2. Swiss
  3. Gouda
  4. Old Amsterdam
  5. Sharp Havarti
  6. Extra Sharp Provolone
  7. Cream Cheese
  8. Parmigiano Reggiano
  9. Grated Parmesan
  10. Ricotta
  11. Italian 4-cheese blend
  12. Manchego
  13. Ricotta Salata
  14. Herbed Goat Cheese
  15. Goat Cheese crumbles

I am probably missing something in there…so now I’m thinking of what to make. Cheese straws, mac and cheese, fondue, cheese crisps, nachos, grilled cheese all come to mind….what are some of your favorite cheese recipes?