As sort of an addendum to What the???, I want to show the work space that most of the posts will be produced from.

I live in a high rise building built in the 1970s. My kitchen is a tiny galley kitchen inherent of the trends of that era. I have it fully equipped with stainless steel appliances, knives, gadgets, and a well stocked pantry, but again, due to space issues, I try to keep my collection to what I absolutely need.

The other point I am trying to make in all this is that magic can be created even out of smaller spaces. A huge, fancy, modern kitchen may inspire, but it’s ultimately up to the cook to create amazing meals.

This picture was taken in August. I have since added a microwave. I survived without one for awhile, but it really does come in handy for defrosting and reheating. I wasn’t against microwaves, just broke when I first bought my place.

Also added, a coffee maker and toaster oven was moved to empty counter


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