Pinterest and Cookie Dough Dip

Step aside Paula Deen. There is a new pornographic food pusher out there and her name is Pinterest. I spend more time ogling over recipes than most men spend on Porn Hub.

Much like the discovery of a new sexual position, I have stumbled across a new dessert that I had never considered. Unusual for me because usually when it comes to food and cooking, I’m a cocky ass bitch who thinks she knows everything. That dessert is Cookie Dough Dip.

Via Pinterest, I came across this recipe from Just a I cannot take credit for actually executing it, for that I thank my friend Dawn. Neither of us was crazy about the toffee bits, but she stumbled upon these awesome turtle sprinkles at Wegmans, and modified the recipe with those.

So, next party you have, I highly suggest putting this dip together. You’re welcome.