Getting Crafty – Utensil Holder

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As I described when I launched this blog, I have a small galley kitchen. My condo building was built in the 1970s when there wasn’t as much thought put into gourmet-style kitchens. I have since renovated and got new cabinets that reach the ceiling and better utilize space, but I’m always looking for ways to make the space more attractive and functional.

There is a support beam on one side of the kitchen that is part of the whole building, so I cannot alter it. It is dead wall space and currently I have my magnetic knife racks on there. I decided I want to do more with the vertical space.

Since I cook so much, I have accumulated quite a collection of utensils and gadgets. Nothing too gimmicky, but enough that my current caddy was not doing doing it for me. I was inspired by a grid-style system at The Container Store, but it would have required making sure there were holes or something to latch onto on each piece, and it may have ended up looking more cluttered, as not every piece matches or coordinates with each other. The other factor is that I do not want anything to protrude out too far and be obtrusive.

Overstuffed condiment cadd

Overstuffed condiment caddy

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