Brunch Ideas

I am often asked what my specialty in cooking is. Everyone who loves to cook, and even those who do not, or do not have a knack for it, seem to have a specialty. My thing is I feel I can cook just about anything, and I love trying out new recipes and methods.

With Mother’s Day upon us, it hit me that I do have a meal I enjoy preparing and hosting more than any other – BRUNCH! There is something so versatile about this meal, giving its preparer some wonderful creative freedom…yet there still seem to be rules. You want to include some breakfast foods, you want to include some lunch foods…and even better, find a marriage of both.

Tomorrow I will be hosting my family here in my home for Mother’s Day. My own mother has never been a fan of going out to restaurants on the day itself – restaurants are overcrowded, quality is poor, prices are jacked up, etc. She prefers intimate meals at home. I can deliver.

Be on the lookout for some of my brunch ideas as time goes on.


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