Fried Buffalo Chicken Ravioli

Growing up in New Jersey, fried ravioli has been a longtime staple in my life, first introduced to me at practically infancy at Nellie’s Place in Waldwick, and revisited at countless pizza and Eye-talian joints around the area. It was always such a standard – cheese ravioli, breaded in Italian seasoned breadcrumbs, fried, and served with marinara.

The other day one of my Starbucks partners introduced me to Buffalo Chicken Ravioli from Sparky’s in Closter – sheer brilliance. Buffalo sauce, shredded chicken, and some sort of cheese mixture encased in ravioli. It was served with either blue cheese dressing or ranch dressing – it was good with both. However, both my partner and I felt we could do a better job with this idea. The filling needed more cheese and spice, and the breading more pronounced. I would not touch the dipping sauces. Stay tuned…


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